Welcome To Rembrandt and Rutabagas!

Welcome to the most beautiful place on earth!  I know this to be true because my father always made that comment when we returned home from summer vacations.  Rembrandt and Rutabagas B&B is located on my family farm where I grew up.  It is situated in a valley on Horse Creek, just four miles north of Richland Center, Wisconsin.  My road, Galway Road, was named for the Walsh family, an Irish family who settled here in the 1800s, because the large green hills reminded them of their homeland in Galway County, Ireland.

Rembrandt and Rutabagas is a different kind of Bed and Breakfast. The name, itself, points out the contrasts in my life – serious art (Rembrandt) and women friends who just want to have fun (Rutabagas). I am the “Boss Queen” of the Rutabaga Queens of Richland Center, Wisconsin, one of more than 2000 chapters of the Sweet Potato Queens based in Jackson Mississippi. The history of the Kintz farm which has been in the family for over 60 years is in juxtaposition with the white stucco International Style home that is the B&B. There is no “farm house” on the property, though you will see farm outbuildings, cattle and crops on this 200 acre farm. The house is an unusual sight in this countryside!

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