For the Foodies

Food and drink lovers will not be disappointed in southwest Wisconsin.  Here are some of our faves.

Cedar Grove Cheese

Located 25 minutes away, Cedar Grove Cheese makes the best traditional and specialty cheese you’ve ever tasted – without artificial growth hormones (rBGH), animal enzymes, or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).  Our cheese makers craft 4 million pounds a year of this great cheese.  We buy milk from over 30 Wisconsin farmers, all of whom have pledged not to treat their cows with synthetic growth hormones and some of whom are certified organic.


Organic Valley

That’s right, you may have seen Organic Valley on your grocery store shelf, but is was created about 45 minutes away in La Farge, WI.   Best part, they have a retail outlet store with lots of goodies at great prices.  507 W Main St, La Farge, WI  54639

Wollersheim Winery

Sip a glass of award winning wine under an umbrella in their outdoor wine garden or take a tour around the vineyard.  About an hour away, Wollersheim Winery is a great afternoon trip to relax and enjoy.



New Glarus Brewery

A quaint little brewery nestled on the outskirts of New Glarus, Wisconsin. The brewery is run by an enthusiastic couple, Daniel & Deb Carey, who have successfully combined business management and brewing professionalism. Our philosophy is based on individuality, cooperation and the employment of 100% natural ingredients to produce world-class, handcrafted beers for our friends in Wisconsin. Cheers!

Baraboo Candy Company

Nestled in the glacial hills of South Central Wisconsin farm country, the Baraboo Candy Company has been producing gourmet chocolate goodness since 1981. We are recognized world-wide as the home of Homer Holstein, The Original CowPie!®, and other cow candies including New Peanut Butter Cowpies®, MooChews™, Udderfingers™, Homer’s Snowflakes, Mini CowPie!, Green Bay Puddles, Cow Lick Chocolate Suckers and more.


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