While You’re Here…

Southwest Wisconsin is a quiet hidden gem that the glaciers of many years ago left untouched. This means that this region, also known as the Driftless Area, was left with many hills, valleys and unspoiled natural beauty. The rolling hills and hidden valleys attracted immigrants to the region and small ethnic communities sprang up that still flourish today. Not only beautiful, you will be surprised by what there is to see and do within an hour of our bed and breakfast.  While you are here, make sure you check out some of our activities and attractions.

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  • Services/Amenities

    Cool stuff you can do right here at the B&B.

  • Go Local

    You won’t believe all the fun things we have in Richland Center.

  • Get Active

    Go on a bike ride, canoe down the Wisconsin River or take a hike.

  • Get Artsy

    Theatre? Architecture? We have it all.

  • For the Foodies

    All cheese all of the time.

Make sure you check out…

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